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The personal touch

Peter Golding of Neath Raisbeck Golding Law knows that the key to being a great lawyer lies in the maintenance of close client relationships, and going the extra mile

After graduating from Bristol University, Peter quickly began creating relationships with clients, through demonstrating a broad, thorough knowledge and application of the law, he climbed the legal ladder. Peter became the managing partner at Bush & Bush, a historic firm established in the early 1800s. Today, Peter is one of the three partners at Neath Raisbeck Golding Law.

Throughout his day-to-day work, Peter regularly calls upon his breadth of knowledge of the law. Ranging from residential and commercial property transactions, to setting up charities or complex trusts, Peter’s experience gives his clients the benefit of advice in several areas from one single lawyer.

In his private client work, Peter is often drafting wills, administering estates, tax planning and creating trust documents. Furthermore, Peter regularly deals with property matters and Land Registry applications, as well as issues surrounding charities, family law, and more.

Peter regularly deals with different generations of families, and his clients benefit not only from his wealth of knowledge, but also his understanding of the family matters, and how he applies these to his work.

Peter is known for developing strong relationships, and longstanding clients are often invited to events held by Neath Raisbeck Golding Law. Similarly, Peter’s relationship goes beyond the office. In the unfortunate event of terminal illness he frequently visited and continued to care for his clients throughout their stay in hospital or nursing home, and attended their funeral to pay his respects.

Getting to know the families on a personal level can often be important to give accurate and effective legal advice, and this inevitably creates a closeness between Peter and his clients.

Peter’s clients are generally based in Bristol, especially in the Clifton area. As you can tell from the picture, Peter can often be seen cycling around Bristol, on his way to client meetings or otherwise. He is very much a local solicitor, and due to the closeness between him and his clients, he is often happy to meet them at their convenience.

Alongside working for individuals, Peter has longstanding relationships with many charities in Bristol. He has helped set up and run many local charities, and even sits on the board as a trustee, including for All Aboard Watersports and more.

These charities benefit from having a very experienced lawyer in this field on their board, and many other charities gain the advantage of his advice regarding other issues.

Peter’s ethos surrounding his work is simple- to be able to help people in the community. From helping them to write their wills to moving home, Peter helps families put provisions in place so that the family, and future generations, are protected. His greatest aim when a client presents a problem, is to find a solution that is best for his client.

Peter’s experience and methodology with his clients is that if you have a problem, he will be able to help – and he has probably already done it for someone you know, too.

Peter Golding

Peter Golding

Partner / Head of Private Client & Property

Peter is a Partner and Head of Private Client & Property team. He has a wide experience of private client and property arrangements together with residential conveyancing work.

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