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Work Experience

Are you considering a career in the Legal Profession? Would you like an insight in to the Legal Industry and what it is like to be Solicitor?

The Legal Trailblazers programme is designed for students in school years 10 to 12 looking for an insight into the legal profession.

What does the Legal Trailblazers programme involve?

We work with many local schools in Bristol and the surrounding areas in assisting with work experience placements for their students.

Our Legal Trailblazers programme runs for a week, at different times throughout the year. The programme is designed to provide an insight into the legal profession and to give young people experience of working in a legal environment. During the programme you will undertake different work tasks and projects within our 5 core practice areas and also in the practice management of the firm.

“Thank you so much for having me for a week at Neath Raisbeck Golding Law. I enjoyed every minute and everyone made me feel so welcome and part of the team. Everyone is so friendly and helped me to learn so many new things.”

Previous Year 10 Student

Why Work Experience is a Good Idea

The experience you gain whilst undertaking your placement will enlighten you to the many professional paths you could take in your legal career. It can also help you make that critical decision as to whether law is the correct career path for you.

Whilst here, you will experience a first-hand taster of what is like to work in a modern, dynamic legal environment and it will open your eyes to see that the legal industry is not purely based on practicing law but is dependent upon other factors such as team working, client contact and marketing initiatives.
Engaging in a work experience programme can bring strong advantages to your CV and future career goals. We can offer you the opportunity to learn key skills such as teamwork, presentational skills and commercial awareness. Additionally, it will allow you to gain transferable skills you can use in higher education courses or future job applications.

Where, when and how can I apply?

The programme will take place in our office located at St Brandon’s House in Bristol. We run several programmes throughout the year in accordance with local school’s timetables. All applications can be made via email.

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