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Dispute Resolution

We appreciate that our clients want a cost effective, swift resolution to their disputes.

Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Whilst some firms focus on ‘litigation’ and ‘winning’, we focus on the client, looking for results and resolution, and getting our clients the best possible outcome in the most cost efficient manner.

Our expert disputes team have decades of experience representing an array of clients, from individuals to multi-national corporations on an area of legal specialisms. Regardless of the case or the client, our solicitors get to grips with the facts of a case early on, open lines of communication and seek to bring disputes to an amicable resolution without recourse to Court action.

However, if pre-action attempts do not bring forth results, our litigators will have no hesitation in fighting your corner throughout the Court process, to trial and beyond.

Dispute Resolution Solicitors

We appreciate that our clients want a cost effective, swift resolution to their disputes.

Dispute Resolution Services

Business to Business

Business relationships can be fraught. Whilst the relationship may start off friendly, late payment of invoices or a failure to abide by agreements can diminish positivity and trust. We appreciate the commercial reality of maintaining and improving business relations whilst obtaining the best results for our client. Whether through debt recovery or enforcing contractual responsibilities, we assist in securing amicable resolution through negotiatory or mediatory means wherever possible, resorting to litigation as a last resort.

Claims against Insurers

Claims to insurers are mostly innocuous, but it is inevitable that some claims will be refused. Whether you dispute the facts, the basis or the contractual clause upon which your claim has been rejected, it is often prudent to have merits of a claim against your insurer assessed early. We can negotiate with your insurers to clarify issues, seeking resolution and payment for losses. If necessary, we can bring proceedings to force payment. Whether your claim relates to home, business, car or other insurance, we can assist.

Commercial & Corporate Disputes

There are various disputes that may arise in the corporate world which include company acquisitions, shareholders’ agreements and joint venture agreements. Our technically savvy and commercial litigators will seek to resolve these matters through the courts, alternative dispute resolution and expert determination. We advise shareholders and directors on their duties as well as any pitfalls or liabilities which may occur in the event of a dispute. We assist our clients with minority shareholder and derivative action claims as well as warranty, indemnity, earn out and completion account disputes. We have a trusted track record for resolving and achieving results for our clients amidst challenging corporate disputes. Our client focused approach helps us effectively obtain our clients’ goals whilst carrying out a cost effective strategy.

Copyright & Technology

Intellectual Property is, in the age of the internet, a difficult commodity to protect. We are experts in helping copyright holders protect their interests and defending unmeritorious claims alleging infringement. Compensation for infringement can be considerable, so it is vital that advice is obtained early to seek immediate resolution and halt any further costly infringement. Clients also have to think of the reputation damage that infringement may cause. We can assist you through this process on a fixed fee or hourly basis.

Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery is an art honed over time. Our debt recovery specialist Solicitors have represented both small and multi-national companies in the recovery of isolated and volume debt, including B2B outstanding invoices (with associated Late Payment compensation) and Consumer debt. Over time, we have perfected a sophisticated pre-litigation debt recovery process to obtain the money you’re owed without recourse to the Courts. Should Court proceedings be necessary, our experts have an enviable success rate of obtaining payment both during (by appropriate settlement) and post-litigation (through enforcement). We have the solution to your debt recovery issues.

International Recovery & Enforcement

When a debtor is based abroad, there can be massive complications. Deciding which country’s Courts have jurisdiction, locating a debtor, obtaining a Judgment, transferring that Judgment to England and Wales to be enforced are all problem areas requiring specialist knowledge and expertise. Our litigators have vast experience dealing with debtors across the globe and enforcing foreign Judgments in England and Wales. We can simplify and advise on the most cost effective method of obtaining recovery of what you are owed.

Property Disputes

Our Property specialist Solicitors have acted for Leaseholders, Freeholders, Developers, Managing Agents and Management Companies in a vast array of disputes. Whether a client is having problems recovering Service Charge, going through a Party Wall dispute, suffering through a boundary dispute with an aggressive neighbour, a dilapidations claim at the end of a Commercial Lease, need to serve a Break Notice or take a group action against a Developer, Management Company or Freeholder, our experienced Solicitors will be able to assist. Our Solicitors and advocates regularly appear before the County Court, First tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) and Land Registration Tribunal in London, Birmingham and the South West on such matters.

Sport & Media

All our Dispute Resolution Solicitors are sports fans at heart. We have experience of acting for Clubs, Players, Promoters and Agents in disputes including marketing disputes, commission disputes and contractual disputes. Our network of past clients include high profile individuals from Rugby Union and Boxing. We can assist in the resolution of pre and post-contractual negotiations with a view to obtaining positive outcomes for all parties as well as representation before the Courts and Tribunals if it proves necessary.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Whether as a result of unpaid debts or an unpaid Judgment, we are experts in bankruptcy and insolvency where a debtor is unable to settle debts as they fall due. Similarly, if you are an insolvent company, or a shareholder or Director of such a company, we can assist in the Winding Up process through the Courts. If you are an Insolvency Practitioner, seeking representation through the Winding Up proceedings, we can assist.

Claims against Professionals

It is inevitable that professionals get things wrong on occasion. There is no reason why a client should suffer as a result of negligence. We have vast experience of bringing actions against Solicitors, Barristers, Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, Accountants and Professional Trustees and many other professionals in circumstances where loss has been suffered. We assess your case, seek to resolve or settle the matter pre-litigation and, if necessary, pursue the matter through the Courts or Arbitration.

Consumer Disputes

Consumer law is not as simple as it may seem! There are numerous sources of law, some of which is complicated, antiquated and a minefield for the unsuspecting person. The Consumer Credit Act 1974, the Sale of Goods Act 1980, the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 and the Consumer Rights Act 2015 are just a few! Our Solicitors have decades of experience representing both businesses and individuals navigate the Court process in the most cost effective way possible. We can help you protect your rights and get what you are due.

Criminal Defence

We focus on providing an exclusive and discreet service to company directors and businesses in Bristol in a wide range of criminal prosecutions and investigations.

For individuals we can advise on:

  • Motoring matters including drink driving, careless and dangerous driving, speeding and failing to stop
  • Interviews under caution
  • Proceeds of Crime Act
  • Trading Standards and Health and Safety investigations

For companies we can advise on:

  • Transport prosecutions including drivers’ hours offences and tachograph offences
  • Investigations and prosecutions brought by the Health & Safety Executive
  • Local Authority investigations into Food Safety Trading Standards and Public Health
  • Directors personal liability in relation to company breaches
  • Corporate manslaughter

In the social media world in which we live, defamation has become commonplace. Whether your customer has written an untrue scathing review or a former friend is spreading malicious lies, you could have a claim for defamation. Our Solicitors are experts in Defamation Act 2013 and seeking restitution if you have been defamed. Often, such disputes can be concluded swiftly and cost effectively through pre-Court correspondence, resulting in a quick resolution and removal of any offending statements.


We have expertise in all aspects of the leisure market licensing pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, bowling alleys, off licences, and lap dancing venues.

We are on standby to help premises subject to closure orders, review applications and prosecutions for underage sales.

Betting and Gaming is a specialist area and we can advise on all aspects including casino operation, betting shops, FOBTs, family entertainment centres, bingo halls, and online gaming.

We have many years of experience of acting for clients in the Bristol area, from independently owned family run premises to national chains, dealing with both simple and complex licensing requirements.


Businesses need to comply with lots of regulation from agencies such as The Health and Safety Executive, Trading Standards, VOSA, Environmental Health, Environment Agency, Office of Fair Trading, Ofgem, PhonepayPlus, FSA (Financial Services Authority), SFO (Serious Fraud Office), HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs), the Gambling Commission, the list seems endless.

We offer specialist advice in this area to companies to ensure that your business is compliant and provide full business audits in which we review and advise on compliance in your company.

If in the event that your business is under investigation or being prosecuted we have many years’ experience of defending companies assisting with responding to these regulatory issues when the continued operation of the business or reputation of the individual is at stake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qu: How do you charge for your services?

All fees are agreed in advance, with our clients before they are incurred and wherever possible we will work on a fixed fee for the scope of work we have been asked to undertake.

Qu: Do I need to make an appointment?

We strongly recommend that you book an appointment with a member of our team. We will endeavour to meet with you as soon as possible and if urgent on the same day.

Qu: Can you meet me outside normal office hours?

Yes. We understand that meetings need to be outside of 9-5 and can be flexible with times and days. We are also able to offer meetings at people’s homes and offices if they wish.

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