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Study shows Seasonal Trend in Divorce

A recent study in Washington State, USA (http://www.washington.edu/news/2016/08/21/is-divorce-seasonal-uw-research-shows-biannual-spike-in-divorce-filings) has found that divorce rates spike after the summer holidays and after Christmas.

There appears to be a seasonal trend in filing for divorce, with many couples expecting that a holiday abroad and time spent together as a family will increase the chances of the marriage staying together; but they ultimately end the summer filing for divorce due to the immense expectation and pressure placed on these periods.

It appears that couples delay divorce during ‘socially sensitive periods’, for example school holidays.

These periods have been known to be ‘inappropriate’ for filing for divorce as they are culturally sacred for families. However, the research insists that divorce filings at these pivotal times of the year have continue to increase over the past 15 years.

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