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Spooktacular Month End at Cook & Co

To celebrate Halloween, Cook & Co put on a ghoulish feast of food and games to liven up the dead hearts of our team of spooky solicitors.

It’s important to boost morale when the year is busy, and when it will certainly become busier to the run up to Christmas. Staff loved the idea of a free lunch and a little fancy dress.

Teams are known to work harder and feel more encouraged in the workplace when they feel they are appreciated and celebrated. Today was a chance to celebrate all of our team’s hard work with a little haunted banquet.

The Entrepreneur recently published an article on 7 ways to boost staff morale https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/220000

We look forward to doing more staff events, and really going for it in the fancy dress department.

A big thanks goes to our Trainee Solicitors, Shaun and Shellby for putting the party together, and to Lily, our Head of Residential Property’s daughter, for decorating our office and helping with all of the decorations during her half term break.

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