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Neath Raisbeck Golding Law are delighted to have contributed to a new defibrillator at Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Alongside the Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust, Neath Raisbeck Golding (NRG) Law firm has assisted Elspeth Benden with her efforts of fundraising to help with the installation of the new defibrillator on this Bristol landmark.

Elspeth’s son, Andrew, tragically lost his life to Sudden Adult Death syndrome in 2014 and as a tribute to his memory, she has been raising funds for this life-saving equipment ever since. We have all been moved by her strength and determination to turn such a tragic loss into a community project which will have a positive impact on others by saving lives. 

Vicki Neath, Managing Partner, says, “when our mutual friend Trina Gazzard told me about what Elspeth was doing, I wanted to support her and upon hearing about the fundraising to install a defibrillator for public access at this Clifton hotspot, we were delighted to be able to contribute to making the site safer for the community.”

Defibrillators, or Automated External Defibrillators (AED), are devices which generate a current sending an electronic pulse to the heart. They are used to correct, stabilise or restore an uneven heartbeat in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.

A person who is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest must receive assistance within ten minutes, therefore it is of critical importance to have defibrillators available in public spaces. According to the National Safety Council, between 300,000 and 400,000 people experience sudden cardiac arrest in a non-hospital environment every year.

As a proud Clifton based law firm, we take a great interest in the preservation and maintenance of important landmarks, such as the Suspension Bridge. Furthermore, we felt it was an important feat to invest in the safety and wellbeing of those who visit this monument.

We are also pleased to announce our participation in community training on how to use a defibrillator to assist someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, commencing in the New Year.

Vicki Neath

Vicki Neath

Managing Partner

Vicki is the Founder of the firm and a Director. Vicki manages and specialises in a wide range of areas in the firm and in particular deals with Financial Management, Human Resources, Compliance, Recruitment and Operations. 

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