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Complicated Conveyancing? Not with Cook & Co…

Your home is the most valuable and expensive purchase you will ever make, but it is also one of the most complex transactions.

There are numerous intricacies involved when purchasing a property, and as such should be carried out to the utmost standard in order for the process to not be extended unnecessarily. As it is a complex process, there should be no compromise when choosing a solicitor to help you purchase your home.

Sarah is an experienced solicitor and Head of Residential Property at Cook & Co. She has been celebrated for her efficiency, pragmatism and speed in conveyancing. Sarah is incredibly efficient at pulling up any foreseeable problems, making the process undemanding for the clients who can sit back and trust her to make sure the transaction progresses without any complications. Her clients are consistently informed throughout the process and thus feel confident that Sarah is working diligently in their best interests.

I was arranging to transfer a property but it was a little complex. I needed a solicitor who would primarily represent and safeguard my interests. Sarah Turner was someone who would not only move quickly but would be prepared to meet me and talk through the technicalities of the transaction.

Sarah was fabulous – she totally ‘got it’ and copied me in on everything. She worked with economy of speech and efficiency of time – but the legal structure and protocol were never compromised.

Sarah keeps it all so simple with a huge dose of pragmatism. I will definitely use her again. – Ian Carling

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